The Horror Story : The Old House

The Old House
From: Christina (
Story type: Ghost
Location: Dayton, OH

When I was younger, around 7 years old or so, I moved to Ohio because my mother wanted to move in with her boyfriend. I remember when I first saw the house we were moving to, I was amazed and loved the idea of actually having a house and not an apartment to live in. However, my joy was somewhat short lived. My mother's boyfriend turned out to be sort of abusive towards my sister and I and made it clear that we would never lie to him or my mother or consequences would be severe and etc.

Anyways, I slept in my own room on the top part of a bunk-bed in the upstairs of the house, my mom's room was across the hall and my sister's room was down the hall next to my mother's room. (I say this so you get a better picture of what the home was like) I was happy to have my own room, but soon found it to be quite scary. This may have been a child's imagination at work - but often at night I could swear I'd wake up and hear someone else breathing in my room besides me (I knew what my dogs sounded like when they slept, so it could NOT have been them!)

There were also times when things, oddly enough sometimes food items would dissapear and my sister or I would be blamed. Of course my mother and her boyfriend always believed my sister, but didn't believe me when I said I didn't do it, so I always ended up getting blamed for things I knew I didn't do, but at the same time I knew my sister couldn't have done them either, as she rarely lied. Further more, why would she lie or something as dumb as missing food? (Especially when our mother's boyfriend had that strict rule about lying.)

These two last encounters are the worst ones, however. One evening, my mother and her boyfriend left to go on a hunting trip, leaving my sister and I behind. I slept in their room because I had felt safe in there when my mother was around.. however, I found being alone very frightening. I remember almost being asleep, when I heard a voice speaking to me. The scariest part was, it called me by my name and I had never heard this voice before. It was low and scratchy, and I distinctly heard it tell me to 'get out of here'. Needless to say, I ran out of the room crying. I tried to go to my sister, but she was sleeping and angry that I woke her up. I ended up sleeping in my new room (I had gotten moved to a different one down the hall because we had painted it/put new carpet in it for me recently) with my door locked and my dogs by me.

The final part of my story is, one afternoon after school, my friend and her brother were staying over for a while because they had gotten locked out of their house. We were all sitting around in the living room watching television, waiting for my friend's mother to call and let us know she was home so they could go home. We were in the midst of a conversation, when all of the sudden we hear a VERY loud banging noise on the floor below us. We all looked at eachother, obviously scared to death because we were the only ones there. Now, I had never liked the basement of the house, so I didn't dare go down to see what was going on. The banging happened a few more times, until finally my friend and her brother got so scared that they ended up wanting to leave, and I went with them when they did. We ended up waiting on her porch in the rain until her mother got home, but it was better than being in that house.

Something else weird happened as well, but not as odd as the things stated previously. We had this stereo connected to the tv, and ocassionally it would turn onto full blast then all the way down, or even turn off by itself, and this would happen even when my mother was around, but she always dismissed it.

Anyways, I apologize for the length of my story, and I know it could all be explained by me being young at the time, but I'm 17 now and I remember it all VERY clearly, and it feels good to get it out of my system. My mother has sinced moved out of the house with my sister and I, and all I have to say is, good ridance, because I still get the creeps whenever I see it.

Thanks for reading!


American horror-a scary paranormal experience

While browsing on net I found this scary paranormal story on American horror. It tells about the scary ghost story creepy paranormal experience and scary paranormal phenomena. I hope you all, my paranormal lover friends, like this paranormal research paper on American horror. Here the ghost story follows-

To consider the Native American position in horror demands a look at Native American history in general because, like people of ethnic Jewish origin, genocide has had an overwhelming and catastrophic effect on both past and present. For Native America, horror has been attached to reality for centuries, and many would argue it continues to linger. Obviously the level varies in every individual man or woman, but the socio-historical connection is there. Look at native poet Sherman Alexi’s poem “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”:

I have seen it and like it:
The blood,
the way like Sand Creek
even its name brings fear.

Despite Alexi’s (and, by implication, all Natives’) deep understanding of horror, Native Americans have largely been pigeon-holed or relegated to the background of the genre proper. In more classic horror, or anything from the Lovecraft-Poe-Blackwood literature days, a Native character could only be a superstitious drunk, or some other simple plot device, like an archeological wonder to evoke the dark, mysterious past. Change has not yet come, and we can, essentially, find but two main forms in which Native America shines in modern horror: Monster-Myth and Place-Vengeance.

The Native Monster-Myth strain entails a little diffusion in form, but not much. First, there’s the sort of woodland monsters sub-genre, including werewolf offshoots (Wolfen, Ginger Snaps Back, Wendigo) and other bizarre or fantastic creatures (It Waits, the Masters of Horror episode Deer Woman, the killer bat movie Nightwing, or even the cannibalistic blend of native and white legend in Ravenous). These are monster movies of a violent sort, all a bit incestuous within the entire werewolf-vampire strata of ideas. In these films, particularly in concern to werewolves, we find a great deal of Euro-Native cultural blurring. For the most part, wolves are not negative creatures in Native mythology. European folklore views wolves as horrible creatures, and this may in part come from the plagues that devastated Europe in the Middle Ages, and the huge wolf populations that would thrive on things like devouring the abundant bodies, or even snatching up small children from their village homes. Remember, Central Europe was once an enormous forest, and only in the last few centuries were wolf populations contained and effectively wiped out. But, like the vampire, the werewolf is one of those legends that has seemed universal enough to countless Euro-descended artists, and so it has been blended with the mythologies of distant cultures as though it were. If you want to see something closer to genuine Native American mythology on film, you probably should ignore werewolf cinema; consider instead Dreamkeeper. It is to Native myth, perhaps, what Clash of the Titans is to Greek myth (even if it isn't quite horror).

While Native Monster-Myth films point at the horror of the wilderness and the mysterious (still powerful phobias in North America), the Native Place-Vengeance branch of horror is focused more on actions and consequences, all stemming from the original sin of Columbian conquest of the Americas and European appropriation of Native land. We’ve seen it play out nicely in the Poltergeist films and Pet Cemetery, and even the older Death Curse of Tartu. At this point, in fact, it is a cultural cliché that we’ve seen parodied in the likes of South Park (the pet store from hell), and soon in a full-length feature by Troma titled Poultrygeist (about a fast-food restaurant built on a burial site). Again we see it, slightly altered, in the segment from Creepshow 2 titled Old Chief Wooden Head. This time it’s a Native who’s paying for what he’s done.

So we’ve got the fear and we’ve got the punishment, check and check. Other horror centered on Native America is hard to pin down. There is a very intriguing essay on The Shining as being full of metaphors about white conquest and native genocide. Then, like a one-man band, there’s Lou Diamond Phillips, a guy who’s been in at least a dozen horror b-films and television shows, beginning back in 1990 with The First Power, a cop and Satanism flick that might be best described as part-Se7en, part-Shocker, part WGN Saturday afternoon action movie. Phillips is, in fact, 1/8 Cherokee, along with a little bit of everything else. But hey, while blood quantum counts in government policy, it certainly does not in horror cinema.


Paranormal Story

It was quite early in the morning when Sara received a very tensed call from a woman. At first Sara was unable to make out anything out of the conversation from the other side, as the woman was whimpering too much to make any sense except for the word "haunted". But that word was enough for getting Sara's attention.

From her teenage only Sara was more than curious about the paranormal, as she has been gifted with the delicate sense to feel things beyond normal - paranormal. Her curiosity led her to the paranormal study in her later age. Her befriending with Steve Martin, a Ghost Hunter, gave her the opportunity to make an extensive paranormal research and be part of different paranormal activities and gain real paranormal experiences.

Steve and Sara together found a paranormal society where people with same interests and profession can come and share there views and ideas regarding paranormal phenomenon and ghost hunting so that they can educate and help out people suffering due to paranormal attack.

So, this morning when the whimpering woman called, from the word "haunted" alone, Sara could make out that the person was another troubled soul seeking her help. But help could come only then, when she had the details of the paranormal activity. She had to understand whether the anxiety of the woman was caused by any ghost or spirit or the situation had some normal explanation.

After the woman completed her sobbing narration, Sara asked her to be calm and retell her experience slowly with each and every detail. What Sara could make out from the conversation was that - Mrs. Mary Jones (the woman who called) and her husband Mr. William Jones with their 8 years old son, Dave have been living a peaceful and happy life in their home in New Town locality for the last 5 years. But their trouble started when a week ago Mrs. Jones bought a painting of a beautiful garden from an auction.

It was a Sunday evening and the painting was hung in the study of the Jones. After the family had dined together and Dave retired to his room for the night, Mr. and Mrs. Jones went to the study with some coffee. On entering the room they found it to be quite colder than the rest of the house. They thought that the temperature controller of the room must be failing to work properly. It was around 11'O clock in the night when suddenly they heard Dave screaming. They rushed to his room to find him awake and shivering and drenched in perspire. He told them that he was asleep, when he felt that he was actually seeing a hooded figure standing on his doorway. He could not see any face but could feel that the figure was staring at him and was making its way towards him. He could not move a limb though was dying to shout and run away from the place. The figure stopped as it was just beside his head and bowed down towards his face. Now he could see the face under the hood, it was of a lady with sharp features but ghostly. The face was white as paper with a cruel glee in the eye. Dave could feel the chill engulfing his whole body. When suddenly out of nowhere he got the strength to scream and found himself wide awake and sitting up in his bed. Though that night Mr. and Mrs. Jones comforted her son by telling that it was just a nightmare which was over but on the following nights also Dave continued to have the same nightmare, starting and ending in the same way. Along with this he was having fever. Dave started believing that the new painting was responsible all this paranormal things. He became adamant to have the picture removed from the house. On his continuous persuasion two nights before, his parents moved the picture to the storeroom and locked the room up. Amazingly, Dave did not have any nightmare on that night. But on the next morning (that is the morning before the day Mrs. Jones called Sara up) Mrs. Jones went to Dave's room to find him unconscious in his bed with very high fever. Mr. and Mrs. Jones rushed to the hospital with Dave, where he was admitted immediately. The whole day the doctors failed to make any improvement in Dave's health but around the evening he gained his consciousness.

It was late in the night when Mr. and Mrs. Jones came back from the hospital and was sitting in their living room when suddenly they heard a noise of some movement coming from their study. They went to the study to find to their greatest dismay that the painting was once again hung in the wall, only this time as if by magic it was in an upside down askew position. As they went near the picture all the furniture and things of the room started shaking violently and the books started coming flying towards them as if they were thrown at them. They rushed out of the study to witness the devastation of their living room. They didn't have the time to be in awe when their whole house was like in the epicenter of a storm. The doors and windows were opening and closing on their own and all the furniture, utensils and everything were shaking and flying everyway and smashing on their own. Mr. and Mrs. Jones could not take it any more and ran out of the house to a nearby caf for the night. There in the internet they searched for paranormal researchers and paranormal society to find the number of Sara.

On hearing the whole incident Sara was sure that the case needed her and Steve's investigation. So she told Mrs. Jones that they would be to their place that evening but before evening the Jones should arrange for the local priest to go to the hospital to give his blessings to their son, Dave.

As per appointment Sara and Steve went to the Jones' house in the evening along with Mr. and Mrs. Jones who had not stepped into their house after the incident of that night.

Steve and Sara asked the Jones to wait outside and they went into the house to find a state of utter desolation. The atmosphere was calm and quiet. They set up their instruments. They had ghost cams. to take ghost videos and ghost pictures. Their cameras could not give any fruitful result but with their recorder they recorded a faint vibrating scream from different areas of the house. The most important finding was a strong interference, with no source, to the electromagnetic field.

Their findings made both Sara and Steve sure about the existence of some spirit in the house. Now Sara made up her mind to enter the study alone, to see if she, with her special sense to feel paranormal, could get some more idea about the happenings.

As Sara went into the dark and misty study she felt the temperature going down by quite some degree. She was shivering from cold when all of a sudden she saw a hooded apparition in front of the upside down painting. She was having the paranormal sighting of the hooded figure inside the garden of the picture. Suddenly Sara was feeling very sick and suffocating. She forced herself out of the room and ran to the hallway and fainted. When she gained her consciousness back she found herself out of the house in their car where Steve had already arranged all their equipments back from the house. Sara and Steve told the Jones that they needed to come back on the next day with a priest to perform exorcism.

The next day Mr. and Mrs. Jones along with Steve and Sara and the Priest, attached with their paranormal society, came back to the house. On entering the house the priest blessed the whole house with Holy water. Then the rituals of exorcism began on the study where they all gathered together. As the exorcism started, once again the whole room was taken into the feat of storm, but everybody was advised by the priest against moving from their position at any cost. As the rituals went on progressing the storm also kept centralizing around the picture, ultimately only inside the garden of the picture. Finally, after a long time the picture started vibrating and with a screaming sound the canvas tore from middle and everything became silent. Then the priest kept on sanctifying it with Holy water while Steve covered it with a cloth and locked the picture in a box. The picture was taken to the graveyard and was buried.

After that no more investigation could prove the existence of paranormal things in the house of the Jones. They were again united with their son in their lovely home as a happy family as before.